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Blue Days Footwear is a Dutch-based shoe brand that was founded in 2012. Founder and designer Yanto Drogt has a passion for denim and is devoted to create the perfect styles for true denim lovers.

Yanto creates unique footwear by combining classic designs with contemporary materials. He has an eye for detail and knows how to give a simple shoe a defined and authentic look that suits all styles.

Each shoe has a perfect balance of materials, bringing together selvedge denim with different leathers and suede. All styles are manufactured with great care in Portugal with the finest materials and highest quality selvedge denim fabrics from Italy.

Blue Days Footwear is a one of a kind shoe brand where classic meets modern: a true homage to the classic brogue with an urban twist. The result, a casual chic look for all occasions for both men and women.

Blue Days Footwear is the contemporary denim experience at your feet!

Daily Bags is a denim brand specialised in patchwork handcrafted goods.
Each bag is unique and handmade out of deconstructed jeans in different shades of blue,
combined with a wide range of high-quality fabrics and leathers.



 Blue Days Footwear

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